Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dogs, New Website, and Conspiracies

I'm toying with the idea of getting rid of my website, and just using blogger to link to all of my other sites.  I haven't done much on here yet, for which I apologize. I know I promised cool things. They'll be here...just more slowly than I originally planned.

Anyway, it looks like I can set up all of the stuff I have over there on this site.  It seems like a good idea right now, because this site is free, and I have access to all the google analytics I could dream of.  With the other site, I have to pay (not a lot...but still), and would have to pay even more to get full analytics. Sure, I wouldn't have the cool name anymore, but that seems like a fair exchange for having a free, more useful service.  I mean, sure, since it's all through google the people at the NSA will be able to stalk me more easily...but maybe our taxes will go down if I make it easier for them. :)

Since I don't have time to transfer all of my stuff today, you get another cute picture.  I was informed after my first post, not everyone is on the internet to look at pictures of cats.  Some of them are on the internet to look at pictures of dogs.  So, this is for those people. Sorry it's a bit out of season.